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High-flying Falcon Fun Facts

Falcons are pretty incredible animals and this is not news. The idea of training and keeping these winged babies has been part of human history since (literally) the emergence of civilization. This craft has been referenced throughout cultures, including mentions in the Gilgamesh epic (one of the oldest known literary works). 

Falcons certainly live up to the hype. While you may have to wait until you are at least 16 years old to be a falconer in most US states, you can enjoy these fun facts at ANY AGE:

1. Unlike your average chicken, Peregrine falcon eggs are red due to the presence of protoporphyrin in the shell.

This organic compound is also found in red blood cells and fluoresces in the presence of UV light.

2. Female falcons do most of the incubating, but male falcons take over when it’s time for mom to feed.

Falcons are all about sharing responsibilities AND love.

3. Falcons are the cocky speedsters of the animal kingdom, clocking in at over 240 mph (386 km/h) during death-defying dives.

This has earned them the title of fastest creatures on Earth.

4. During World War II, these magnificent birds were trained to intercept and take down enemy carrier pigeons.

That's right, these allies served as feathered spies in the sky.

5. With eyesight that can put an Eagle to shame, some falcon species can spot prey from as far as 3 miles away.

Falcons can also see ultraviolet light.

6. Falcons sport a beak with a specialized notch called a tomial tooth, which helps them slice and dice their prey's spinal cord ensuring a swift and efficient kill.

Let's be honest, that's what you want in an alpha predator.

7. Falcons further their glowing reputation by being able to fly upside down.

They perform these jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers to attract mates and to assert dominance in territorial disputes.

8. Falcons are natural-born hunters, employing a technique called "stooping" where they plunge from dizzying heights at crazy speeds to snatch their prey mid-air.

This is perhaps their most iconic aerial move, and something regularly touted on many-a-nature documentary.

9. Falcons have been historically used for falconry, a fancy word for humans enlisting these feathered accomplices to help them bag small game.

It's a partnership where the falcons do all the work.

10. Some falcon species, like the Peregrine falcon, have adapted to live in urban cities.

They call the tops of skyscrapers and bridges their humble abodes.

11. Falcons flaunt specialty feathers called filoplumes that act as sensory organs, giving them feedback on their mid-flight body positioning.

This contributes to their utter mastery of flight.

12. Lovebirds of the sky, falcons are monogamous creatures that form lifelong partnerships, raising their adorable chicks together.

The Falcon and the Furious is also all about familia.

13. Falcons have a sophisticated respiratory system that's the envy of joggers everywhere.

It efficiently extracts oxygen during flight, ensuring they can keep up their high-speed shenanigans without getting winded.

If you want to know more about falcons, or simply share your affinity with the world, check out this Falcon Fun Fact print or swoop over to our social feeds to find more bird-related fun fact videos and stuff.

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