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We've got a stellar 30-Day return policy. If your item arrives damaged, we'll replace it, no worries.

Here's the fine print: items must be in new, unopened condition to quality for a refund. Please send us photos of the damage, otherwise the powers that be won't believe you.

In truth, we KNOW you'll love your item and if you don't, no hard feelings. Not everyone can be a BFF!

You've got 30-days to decide one way or the other. If you'd like to setup a return, follow the steps on our Return Policy.

We aim to impress by shipping items within 3 business days or better.

If you live in the lower-48 of the USA, we do free shipping for orders over $75 (Sorry, HI and AK, send your complaints here).

We've got the best international rates possible, but that varies based on where you live. Use our handy shipping calculator at checkout for an estimate.

If you need your item SUPER fast, we offer expedited methods as well. See the prices at checkout.

You can view example rates and transit times on our shipping page.

Easy with the tone. We offer several services to meet your impatient needs.

Basically, Economy is slow but cheap, Standard is... pretty standard and Expedited is speedy but costs more.

You can view the full list of transit time estimates here.

Keep in mind that custom items (such as framed prints) will take longer due to the human's involved. These often ship within 2 weeks via standard methods.

Eesh. Always a bummer, but we'll of course make it right.

Email our team at:, tell us your sob story and include a photo (this is required for any claim that may be made with the mail folks).

We'll reply in a zip with next steps.

We build our frames and place the artwork by hand when orders are received. We're told that this is known as "made-to-order". Each frame is made just for you.

This means a few things that warrant your attention:

  • The finished piece will arrive in a giant thin box (no assembly required).
  • The production time is around 2 weeks, not including the several days transit.
  • The framed prints are deemed custom and thus do not quality for returns (we will replace anything damaged, obviously!).

That's a little broad, so we'll reply in kind: from all over the place.

Rest assured that we are diligent in our research, vetting and sourcing.

We try and cull from primary source materials when available, or leading experts when the fact is too outlandish to have a formal study. We keep a rolling list of our sources that you can check out.

If you ever find a fact that needs to be updated, email our team. You'll receive a fictional gold star and be dubbed a true factsmith on our board of awesomeness.

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