Who the heck are you?

Fun Fact Co. is an educational design studio that specializes in slinging facts in a humorous and captivating way.

Bohemian Living Room with Fun Facts About Feelings - Illustrated Emotions Poster by Fun Fact Co.

FFC is a collab of two educators, designers and friends who are passionate about blending learning and entertainment (edutainment?).

We aim to create something analog to compete with the ever-growing screen time that permeates our everyday life. Taking inspiration from short-form social videos, the design and subjects are presented in a catchy, addictive, educational and easily enjoyed in short bursts (if that’s your thing).

"We love making learning fun and accessible. Something tangiblle for the attention-deprived world."


Fun Fact Co. Facts:

We make our stuff to be fun and interesting for all readers (TV-G). We like to focus on outlandish and sometimes taboo angles, and kiss everything with an upbeat and funny tone. It's sure to scratch that curiosity itch while also making you smile.

That's right. It's because we aren't monsters... rather, heros 🦸. Everything we make will be make using sustainable materials, non-toxic inks, carbon-offset shipping methods, and any other environmentally-friendly angle we discover is possible along the way.

We're from Ohio & California respectively. Collaborating for years thanks to technology. The end.

Yes, we'll call it a vision, and it is to make fun & educational hub-bub that is captivating for anyone who sees it. Done with whit and slick visuals. Games, picture books, cards and such to poke you right in the curiosity.

As a way to prove our chops and prowess (to ourselves), we opted to begin via crowdfunding. Our Kickstarter campaign ran in the summer of 2023 and we nailed our goal +215%. Check out the archived campaign.

We sure do! If you'd like to help us spread the word and access some slick commissions (and other bennefits), sign up for our affiliate program directly. You can also find affiliate programs on TikTok and Amazon. Do your thing!

Fun Fact Co. Educational Trivia Card Decks

Wholesale & B2B

Do we offer wholesale options? Why yes, yes we do it. It's great. Here's how to get started.

What People Say 🤩:

  • ★★★★★

    “Very STEM friendly with additions of history and culture. My 10yo loved it and nothing was inappropriate for kids.”

  • ★★★★★

    “Well, you did a nice job mixing humor with the morbid. I gotta say, these cards walk the line and are super fun.”

  • ★★★★★

    “Great gift for my girlfriend (a High School math teacher), she reads them to her students at the end of classes and they love them.”

  • ★★★★★

    “A great tool to bring to home school classrooms. My kids love them. Thanks!”