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The Party Mix Trivia Card Game

Funny Fun Fact Trivia

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The PARTY MIX is an eccentric trivia card game packed with fun fact questions about our world. Covering a party mix of topics like death, animals, space, numbers and more, the prompts are humorous, surprising and educational! The game uses a multiple choice or true/false format for the fun fact trivia so you always have a change of getting one right. It is outlandish and though-provoking, but suitable for kids and perfect for game nights.


From high atop our horse, we work to source only sustainable materials for our products. Here's the rundown:

- FSC certified papers
- Non-toxic water-based inks
- 100% recycled card stock
- Carbon offset shipping
- We also compost at home

  • Decks measure: 3.75"x3.25"x2"
  • Cards measure: 3.5"x2.75"
  • Fun had: 💯 
Fun Fact Trivia Cards Close Up Look

Fascinating trivia questions with a sassy tone.

New-to-you facts delivered with spice. These trivia questions are interesting AS-IS, but we kick it up a notch by seasoning them with some sass to keep the game nights raucous.

The Party Mix Fun Fact Trivia Game - Box artwork and illustrations

Crafted to entice reluctant readers.

Outlandish facts, hilarious prompts, taboo-ish subjects (all-ages approved!). That's our formula and while adult gamers love our decks, kids are often just as captivated.

Designed by witty, know-it-all educators.

Skilled in functional design, early childhood education and... joke-telling. Simply put, we know how to write evocative trivia questions (don't we?).

Game Highlights:

  • Good for All Ages

  • Highly Engaging

  • Sustainable Printing

  • Fits in Pockets

  • Carbon Offset

Trivia Deck FAQs

Frequently Asked Quips

The PARTY MIX covers a nice variety of topics. A mix if you will. These include: animals, human anatomy, space, geography, numbers, life and death, history and other science adjacent context. Each has an educational angle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Christine W.
Amazing gift for teachers!

We got two of these decks from our local bookstore for my daughter's teachers. I usually get a gift card to a coffee shop at the end fo the year but this was a fun and unique gift that we now love too. The girls like to aske us questions before dinner and it's been a real treat to learn these fun facts, ha!

Emma Alpine
Saves Boring Family Dinners

I love this game! It's fun and the right kind of funny. My super conservative parents even like it and it helps my dad not talk about politics.

Grandma Approved

My grandson loves playing this game. He is fascinated by the death cards, but we discover interesting information each time we play. Great activity. He's nine years old and this stretches his reading comprehension sometimes but he doesn't get frustrated since the questions are short. Sometimes he does when we read books, but he's still learning. Thank you.

Ah, thanks so much Marina! We're glad your kiddo is enjoying the game.

Hilarious and tasteful!

I really appreciate how these trivia cards are written. They are very funny with lots of useful information. I also really like the content. Very STEM friendly with additions of history and culture. My 10yo loved it and nothing was inappropriate for kids.

Great Questions

Well, you did a nice job mixing humor with the morbid. I gotta say, these cards walk the line and are super fun. I think the taboo nature of death makes them.