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7 Intriguing Facts About the Fun Fact Trivia Deck Game

An Educational and Hilarious Family Game

Before diving into the juicy details, let's set the stage. Fun Fact Co. is a company with a heart of gold. Their mission? To make learning a blast, ignite curiosity, and bring joy to reluctant readers.

In 2023, they successfully launched a fun card game called "The Party Mix" on Kickstarter, surpassing their funding goal by over 215%. The concept is straightforward: pose a trivia question, make a guess. But the trivia questions themselves are anything but simple. Each prompt is based on a crazy fact that most people don’t know but would be surprised to learn.

Like these brain-teasers:

  • Which of these creatures kills more people than snakes? A: Bees B: Crocodiles C: Dogs D: Lions
  • What is a spider most likely to do when it encounters humans? A: Bite B: Build a web C: Die D: Run off to its shelter and clean itself (you're filthy—take a bath)
  • Approximately what percent of people sentenced to the death penalty worldwide are innocent? A: 4% B: 7% C: 13% D: 28%

See the bottom of this article for the answers!

The game spices things up with a cheeky comedic tone that both kids and adults find irresistible. You can view the original campaign video here. (It's pretty funny).

Now, let's get to the facts:

1. The Game Is Family-Friendly, Yet Daring

The game touches on often taboo subjects like death but does so in a family-friendly manner. We write the trivia questions in multiple-choice or true/false formats to give everyone a fair shot.

Fun Fact Trivia Game

2. The Game Focuses On Lots Of Topics

The "Party Mix" deck includes a variety of topics like ANIMALS, HUMANS, DEATH, NUMBERS, and SPACE. Each deck contains a plethora of fun fact trivia questions that are related to the topic at hand. The trivia card game deck has 100 thick and eco-friendly cards filled with trivia questions on various topics.

3. The Kickstarter Campaign Was a Smash Hit

The Kickstarter campaign achieved full funding in just 5 days. It offered backers a hefty discount on the first edition card game, along with several other perks. One of them is a free download of the much-loved "People Watching Bingo." Another bonus was a permanent discount on Fun Fact Co.'s website.

4. Easy to Play with Optional Enhancements

The game is easy to play and has extra features like scoring rules, tie-breakers, and showdowns for more fun.

5. A Delightful Alternative to Screens

One of the game's goals is to offer an engaging alternative to endless scrolling and screen time. The trivia game cards hold the reader's attention and offer a quick endorphin boost.

6. Created by Pros

The two project leaders are experienced in design and have been working in this field for decades. They excel in functional design, UX design, graphic design, and invigorating illustration. They also both share a background working in education including the traditional school setting as well as homeschool parents.

Fun Fact Co. Founders

7. Meet the Sassy Falcon

Calvin O'Falcon, a peregrine falcon with an IQ rivaling Stephen Hawking, serves as one of the mascots for Fun Fact Co. He enjoys sharing fun facts and has a bit of a cheeky side. You can see him on the FFC social channels. He's also in a band.

Calvin O'Falcon

Even though the Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can still obtain the game from our site. It's sure to make your family game nights better.

Oh, you wanted the answers to those trivia questions? Here you go: Bees, Run off to their shelter and clean themselves, 4%.

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