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Why Is the United States Healthcare System So Bad? 20 Facts That Explain It All

The healthcare system in the USA is known to be pretty bad. We rank 37th in the world by the World Health Organization. But WHY is it bad? Well, buckle up, because it's a wild ride of absurdity and disappointment. Think of it as a dark comedy where the joke's on you (if you're an American). From bankruptcy-inducing medical bills to prescription drugs that cost as much as a small car, we've got it all. Let's delve into 20 facts that answer the question, "Why is the United States healthcare system so bad?"

1. Medical Bills Are the #1 Cause of Bankruptcy in the U.S.

Bankruptcy and healthcare go hand in hand in America. Medical expenses are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, making the "American Dream" look more like a financial nightmare.

2. Americans Pay Up to 10 Times More for Prescription Drugs

Big Pharma has its claws deep in American wallets. Prescription drugs cost a fortune, and it's not because they're sprinkled with gold. It's pure, unadulterated greed.

3. 25% of Healthcare Costs Go to Administrative Expenses

A quarter of healthcare costs are spent on administrative nonsense. That's right, your hard-earned money is going to paperwork, not your well-being.

4. Average Healthcare CEO Salary Is Around $16 Million

While you're pinching pennies to afford basic healthcare, CEOs are swimming in millions. It's capitalism at its finest, folks.

5. Over 28 Million Americans Are Uninsured

Millions are left to fend for themselves in the healthcare jungle. No insurance means no care, and in America, that's just business as usual.

6. An ER Visit Can Cost as Much as a Month's Rent

Emergency rooms are the VIP clubs of healthcare—expensive and exclusive. You better have deep pockets if you plan on having an emergency.

7. Ambulance Rides Can Cost Over $2,000

Ambulances are the Ubers of despair. For $2,000, you'd expect a ride to another dimension, not just the hospital. Here's more on their sage logic for the price gouging.

8. The U.S. Has the Highest Cost of Childbirth Among Developed Nations

Giving birth in America is like buying a luxury car, but with more screaming. And the optional epidural? That's your leather seats.

9. Insulin Prices Have Tripled in the Last Decade

Insulin, a life-saving necessity, is priced like a luxury item. Because why not make a killing off people's suffering?

10. 1 in 4 Adults Skipped Medical Care Due to Cost

Healthcare is a game of Russian roulette for one in four adults. They skip medical care because even a simple check-up can break the bank.

11. Some Hospitals Mark Up Prices by More Than 1,000%

Hospitals are the retail stores of despair, marking up prices like it's Black Friday every day. Only here, the deals can cost you your life.

12. The Healthcare Industry Spent $568 Million on Lobbying in 2020

Lobbying is the healthcare industry's favorite sport, and they're Olympic champions at it. With over half a billion spent, they've got politicians eating out of their hands.

13. 1 in 4 Americans Avoid the Dentist Due to Cost

Dental care is a luxury in America. Forget the pearly whites; you'll be lucky to have teeth at all.

14. Mental Health Services Are Often Not Covered by Insurance

Mental health is the red-headed stepchild of healthcare. Insurance companies often don't cover it, because why care about what's in your head?

15. Over 120 Rural Hospitals Have Closed Since 2010

Rural America is becoming a healthcare wasteland. Hospitals are closing, and people are left with the choice of suffering or traveling miles for basic care.

16. A Single Surgery Can Cost More Than a New Car

Need surgery? You might as well sell your car because you're going to need that money. And no, they don't offer trade-ins.

17. Big Pharma Pushed Opioids, Leading to Over 500,000 Deaths

The opioid crisis is Big Pharma's darkest legacy. They pushed pills like candy and left a trail of bodies in their wake.

18. Telehealth Is Often Not Covered by Insurance

Telehealth could be the future, but insurance companies are stuck in the past. They often don't cover it, because why make life easier?

19. Insurers Can Deny Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

Got a pre-existing condition? You're the perfect excuse for insurance companies to deny coverage. It's discrimination with a smile.

20. Despite High Costs, the U.S. Ranks Last in Healthcare Quality Among Developed Nations

America spends a fortune on healthcare but ranks last in quality. It's like paying for a five-star meal and getting food poisoning.

If you've made it this far without throwing your computer out the window, congratulations. You now have a front-row seat to the tragicomedy that is healthcare in the United States. It's a system so flawed, it's almost impressive. So, what's next on your journey through the rabbit hole of despair? Maybe you'd like to explore 14 reasons why you are pretty small in the scheme of things or get lost in the cosmos with Moon facts. Either way, it's bound to be less depressing than healthcare facts in the U.S.

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