Here's the highlight (since your time is too important to read this whole page 😇):

We've got a 30-Day return policy.

If your item arrives damaged, we'll replace it, no worries.

Here's the fine print: items must be in new, unopened condition and not a custom product to quality for a refund. Please send us photos of the damage, otherwise the 'powers that be' won't believe you.

In truth, we KNOW you'll love your item and if you don't, so be it. Not everyone can be a BFF!

If you'd like to setup a return, follow these steps:

  1. Look in the mirror, and tell that face staring back at you "can't you just live with it?". If the answer is NO, proceed to the next step.
  2. Contact our amazing return robot: It will non-emotionally review your email and tell the human masters what's what.
  3. Once we give you the green light, send your item to:
    Fun Fact Company LLC
    ATTN: Returns
    PO Box 18370
    Fairfield, OH 45014
  4. Kindly await your refund. Note: the speediness of your refund will partly depend on your bank. Since many banks are jerks, that could take 5+ days. The other part is on us and we're great at doing work so don't worry about it.