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Facepalm: 20 Facts About People Being Stupid

Ever wondered why warning labels have to spell out the obvious? Or why some people think the Earth is flat? Welcome to the world of human stupidity, a realm so vast it could have its own zip code. We've scoured the depths of the internet and the annals of the Darwin Awards to bring you 20 facts that prove, yes, stupid people do exist. So sit back, relax, and prepare to facepalm harder than you've ever facepalmed before.

1. People Use "Password" as a Password (Still)

Despite countless warnings and horror stories, some people still use "password" as their password. It's like leaving your front door open with a sign that says "Rob Me." Cybersecurity experts are pulling their hair out, but hey, at least it's easy to remember, right?

2. The Flat Earth Society Exists

Believe it or not, the Flat Earth Society is a real organization advocating the idea that the Earth is flat. They ignore centuries of scientific evidence, but who needs facts when you have unwavering belief in something utterly ridiculous? If this tickled your interest, here's a post all about why the Earth is ROUND.

4. A Thief Took a Selfie with a Stolen Phone (Spoiler: It Didn't Work Out)

A man stole a smartphone and then took a selfie, which was automatically uploaded to the owner's cloud storage. The police had no trouble identifying and arresting him. It's like handing yourself over to the authorities, but with a smile.

5. Someone Tried to Dry a Pet in a Microwave

Someone thought it was a good idea to dry their wet pet in a microwave. Spoiler alert: it wasn't. Microwaves are for food, not for Fluffy. This is a tragic example of when lack of common sense turns deadly.

6. A Woman Called 911 for a Bad Manicure

Emergency services are for life-threatening situations, but one woman thought her bad manicure qualified. She actually called 911 to complain about it. The dispatcher was not amused, and neither were the rest of us who pay taxes for actual emergencies.

7. A Man Got Stuck in a Baby Swing

A grown man decided to relive his childhood by sitting in a baby swing at a park. The result? He got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters. The swing was cut down, and so was his dignity.

8. People Would Eat a Tide Pods

The Tide Pod Challenge took the internet by storm, prompting people to eat laundry detergent pods. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but it also led to a spike in poison control calls. Darwin Awards, anyone?

9. A Robber Used a Transparent Bag as a Mask

A robber thought he'd be clever by using a transparent plastic bag as a disguise. Needless to say, he was easily identified and caught. Maybe next time he'll invest in a real mask, or better yet, a new career.

10. A Man Shot Himself in the Foot to See How It Feels

Curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it just severely injured a man. He shot himself in the foot because he was curious about how it would feel. Spoiler: it hurt. A lot.

11. A Woman Tried to Use a Fake $1 Million Bill

Counterfeiting is illegal, but if you're going to do it, at least be smart about it. A woman tried to use a fake $1 million bill at a grocery store. Not surprisingly, she was caught, because, you know, $1 million bills don't exist.

12. Someone Got Lost in Their Own House

It's one thing to get lost in a maze, but in your own house? Someone actually called the police because they got lost in their own home. Maybe it's time to consider downsizing.

13. A Man Tried to Rob a Bank with a Live Beehive

Most robbers use guns or knives, but one man thought a beehive would do the trick. He ended up getting stung multiple times and was easily apprehended by the police. Talk about a buzzkill.

14. A Woman Drove on the Sidewalk to Avoid a School Bus

Impatient much? A woman drove on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for a school bus picking up children. She was caught on camera and later faced charges. Some people just can't wait, even if it puts kids at risk.

15. A Man Ate an Airplane

Yes, you read that correctly. A man actually ate an entire airplane over the course of two years. While it's an impressive feat, it's also incredibly stupid. I mean, why?

16. A Person Used a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card from Monopoly

Life isn't a board game, but someone tried to use a "Get Out of Jail Free" card from Monopoly during an actual arrest. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work, but A for effort?

17. A Man Set His House on Fire Trying to Kill a Spider

Arachnophobia can make people do crazy things, like setting your own house on fire to kill a spider. The man caused thousands of dollars in damage and the spider? It probably survived.

18. A Woman Put Her Cat in the Washing Machine

Laundry and pets don't mix, but one woman didn't get the memo. She put her cat in the washing machine, thinking it would enjoy the ride. Spoiler: it didn't.

19. A Man Drank Fish Tank Cleaner to Prevent COVID-19

In a misguided attempt to prevent COVID-19, a man drank fish tank cleaner because it contained chloroquine. Not only did it not prevent the virus, but it also led to a very painful death.

20. A Person Tried to Sell Their Soul on eBay

Capitalism has its limits, but someone tried to push them by selling their soul on eBay. The listing was eventually taken down, but not before it reached a bid of $5. We can't decide what's sadder, the attempt to sell it or the low bid.

If you ever doubted the existence of stupid people on the internet, consider yourself enlightened. Or maybe you're just more depressed about the state of humanity. Either way, if you're craving more eye-rolling content, check out our posts on US Healthcare Facts. Because let's face it, stupidity isn't limited to just one topic.

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