Fun Games to Play in the Car with Kids

Fun Games to Play in the Car with Kids: A Guide for Tired Parents

As a parent, life often feels like an endless cycle of routines, tasks, errands, and unexpected challenges. With school out for the summer, you might find yourself chauffeuring your kids around. They're at that tricky age: too young to be left alone but old enough to vocalize their boredom. While screens and Minecraft might be their go-to, there are better ways to keep them engaged.

The Timeless Classic: Eye Spy

Eye Spy is the quintessential road trip game and a staple among games to play in the car with kids. If the repetitive "I spy..." from the backseat starts to wear on you, encourage your kids to get creative. Have them make up a story about the object they've spied. This not only adds a twist to the game but also fosters imagination and conversational skills—essential life skills, indeed.

DIY Spelling Bee: A Brainy Alternative

Inspired by my 4th grader's school spelling bee, this game has become a family favorite. We take turns spelling words we see around us. While spelling may have lost some of its luster at home, it's a great time-killer in waiting rooms and checkout lines. Throw in curveball words like "pterodactyl" and "xylophone" to keep things interesting.

Fun Fact Trivia Decks

Unlike impromptu games, the Fun Fact Co. Trivia Deck requires a physical deck of cards. But it's worth it. This trivia card game features multiple-choice questions on a range of fascinating topics. It's a hit with my kids, who love to quiz me during errands. The game often leads to intriguing conversations and a list of topics to explore further when we get home. It's educational and engaging, making it a mainstay in my bag.

In-Seat Twister: A Physical Comedy

This game is a hit, especially with younger kids. The idea is to come up with silly body connections, like touching your right hand to your left knee. It's a riot of laughter and fun but can be distracting if you're the one driving.

The Power of Just Being

Never underestimate the value of simply being present and observant. You don't have to entertain your kids every second of the day. Sometimes, the quiet moments in the car lead to the most meaningful conversations and connections.

In conclusion, the key to a smooth car ride with kids is a mix of creativity, presence, and a good trivia card game like the Fun Fact Trivia Deck. It's not just about killing time; it's about enriching it.

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