Fun Multiplication Practice Worksheets

Multiplication Practice Worksheets

We created some seriously fun (and educational) math worksheets, and I want to tell you all about them...

It's no secret that we love to learn and have a fascination with numbers. That all started with a solid foundation in elementary math. From there, we can build up. Adding additional concepts and ideas.

In fact, that is how most educators tackle teaching math. Begin with the basics, earn that fluency, and then level-up to the next challenge. The rub is that youngsters often do not see HOW math is used in the world, and assume that they won't need to know basic math ideas. Sure it seems dry, but that's where a good educator or tutor can really save the day. They can make learning the dull parts interesting by humor, gamification, or story telling.

To aid in this educational pursuit, we've crafted our own set of math games focusing specifically on multiplication. These help with memorization and fluency and are perfect for anyone that a) likes puzzles, or b) wants to sharpen their multiplication skills. We're also giving away this download to anyone that purchases a math-related print in our shop. Woo!

This multiplication worksheet PDF contains 19 total pages. Of that, we've created 4 different games and exercises, answer sheets and clear directions (for the teach). This PDF file is available as a free gift with purchase of a math print. Here's a full rundown of what is included in the download and how to utilize them:

Multiplication Tables

Blank Multiplication Table Worksheet for Math Practice

The original multiplication grid. Including a blank version and completed version with some additional fun facts. This chart illustrates the commutative property of multiplication, as the product of any two numbers is the same whether the numbers are multiplied in the order they appear or reversed. 3 x 9 = 27, just like 9 x 3 = 27.

Multiplication Squares

Multiplication Squares math worksheet

A puzzle to hone your skills. Three sheets with 9 unique puzzles per sheet. That’s 27 puzzles! Fill in each square with sets of factors so that the products equal the number on the right and bottom.

Multiplication Snakes

Multiplication Snakes fun practice math game

Follow the arrows and solve the math problem listed along the way. Three unique full-sheet snakes puzzles are included. Start at the start, follow the arrows and fill in each empty box with the answer using the math formula shown. Don't get bit!

Multiplication Mazes

Multiplication practice worksheets

Find your way through each of 8 mazes and practice your multiplication memorization! Start at the top left box. Color or highlight the correct path for the number listed, multiplying by one number higher each time until you reach the finish. e.g. For the number 2: 1x2=2, 2x2=4, 3x2=6, etc.

But where do I get this exceptionally fun looking math worksheet bundle?

Well my friend, we're giving this PDF away as a free gift to anyone that purchases one of our math-related prints. You can have a look at the math and numbers print collection here.

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